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embargo on peace​



Statements for sanctions


  • Barbara Lochbihler, Vice-President of the UN Committee against Enforced Disappearances (CED), human rights expert Saša Stanišić, writer Marina Weisband, publicist Luisa Neubauer, Fridays for Future, Sebastian Vettel, racing driver, Rezo, Youtuber, and many others on Campact's open letter " Together with the other EU countries, enact an import ban on oil, gas and coal, in combination with a program to cushion the foreseeable price increases socially. Turn off the money supply to the Russian leadership!"

  • Norbert Röttgen (CDU)  "The federal government and especially the #Greens underestimate their own voters! The people in Germany are willing to support tougher sanctions because that can be our contribution to ending this war. More courage, dear federal government!"  "[...] the responsibility doesn't lie much more in explaining to people that we have a difficult time ahead of us, which will become even more difficult if Putin wins. Mr. Habeck should also explain these costs."!5842273/

  •   ARD stock exchange expert Anja Kohl: Russia finances its imports with energy exports. ... This war must end quickly, all the costs, all the economic consequences are too high.  At Maischberger: ARD stock exchange expert Anja Kohl says Germany can and must initiate an oil embargo immediately. (Did it up beforehand). Gas allegedly more difficult, oil immediately possible. Your argument makes perfect sense from my perspective. Since she says it publicly, she supports our claim. 

  • Prof. Veronika Grimm, Council of Experts of the Federal Government: "If an energy embargo can curb the escalation and make the spread of war in Europe less likely, then we should take the step."

  • Manfred Weber (CSU), leader of the Christian Democrats in the European Parliament: "The previous Swift sanctions can be significantly expanded, especially to the remaining major banks and other sectors" gegen-die-ukraine-und-swift-weber-Demands-sanctions-against-further-russian-banks-CKK2NHIDV5DORAWOBIMPUSYXCQ.html

  • dr Marc Beise, head of the business department of the /Süddeutsche  Zeitung, draws in his commentary in the Süddeutsche Zeitung dated  19/20 March (page 23) the conclusion: "... a controlled shutdown  of oil and gas supplies from Russia would many companies and  Citizens face big problems, it would be expensive and  painful. But that doesn't endanger the economy in the foreseeable future  stability of Germany and hopefully not that of others either,  weaker EU countries. *The cleverly orchestrated shutdown is doable  and Germany has no alternative when it comes to peace and freedom  > wants to stand up*."  



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